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Collaborative robot Machine Tending SI/SM specialized company

Status of main products of
STS Robotech Co., Ltd.

Case of production line application

STSRobotech Co., Ltd. Introduces Korea's largest collaborative robot to its production line,
Rainbow Robotics Introduces 86 Collaborative Robots

Productivity is greatly increased based on uniform work and quality
Having the ability to respond quickly to a boom.

CNC Rack Application Case

CNC collaborative robots are cost-effective
Easy to use and flexible placement

Affordable, easy to use, flexible deployment,
Reduce the fatigue of repetitive processes and tasks. Uniformity of workload and quality,
Applicable in a wide range of fields with detailed work.

Case of laser marking application

Parts can be moved and placed at high speed of precision and Increased in speed of productivity and improved accuracy during part marking and carving

The robot's fixed tool holds the parts and for the correct marking, Very delicate positioning is possible, Versatility that can be applied to various fields such as industrial and medical fields

Applied case of chicken robot

Introducing and operating chicken robots in chicken restaurant,
As a result there was a Increase in store operation efficiency

Might be the solution to lack of workers, because it can operated by one person, provides chicken constantly with better taste through robots
Hygienic, reducing cooking risk and workload for workers,
Increased store operational efficiency.

Applied case of beer robot

Introduction and operation of beer robots in restaurants and venues,
Increased store operation efficiency

Solving lack of workers by being able to store by one person, provides constant amount of beer froth through robots
Hygienic and easy to use from beer extraction to serving bot application
Increased in store operation efficiency due to being served by a serving robot.

Applied case of hand drip coffee robot

Introduction and operation of hand drip coffee robot,
Provides a coffee that has of great taste constantly.

Solving lack of workers by being able to operate a store for one person, can incarnate the orginal taste of coffee beans through robots
Essential products that fit into the futre of future society.

Applied case of a coffee robot

Currently being used in cafe,malls and hotels in Korea,
Reduced cost of labor and accessorial charge

Can be installed in 2 days in about 2 square feet of free space.
Same top-quality beans as other franchise stores, but at half the price.